Journal Title: AUTHENTICA
 Initials: ATC
 Frequency: 2 Issues Per Year
 DOI: 10.20884/1.atc.
 Print ISSN2655-4763
 Online ISSN2655-4771
 Editor-in-chief: Ulil Afwa, S.H., M.H.
 Managing Editor: Dr. Yusuf Saefudin, S.H., M.H.
 Publisher: Master of Notary Program, Faculty of Law  - Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

AUTHENTICA is a peer-reviewed journal published by Notary Programme, Faculty of Law - Universitas Jenderal Soedirman. It published twice times a year (February and August). 

AUTHENTICA aims to provide a forum for lecturers and researchers to publish the original articles about Law Science, especially Privat Law Studies.

The focus of AUTHENTICA is publishing the manuscript of a research study or conceptual ideas. We are interested in topics which relate Privat Law issues in Indonesia and around the world, among them:

  1. Agrarian Law,
  2. Adat Law,
  3. Consumer Law,
  4. Bussines Law,
  5. Banking Law,
  6. Family and Marriage Law,
  7. Inheritance Law,
  8. Sharia Law,
  9. Legal Agreement, and
  10. Other Privat Law Studies